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Being the search for quality the major aim of Pascucci, the company has moved its headquarters to a new and important plant. Many instruments and techniques, along with the historical main office, have been kept.

The analysis laboratory is managed by specialized thecnicians and agronomists and guarantees the quality of raw coffee. Various analyses are conducted on coffee beans (about distinctiveness, moisture, presence of defects, moulds, etc…); strong relationships with peasants are built; informative instruments are created for those less-trained farmers; the soil characteristics are analized in order to select the best productive areas all over the world; gathering centres are studied in order to detect, support and, in case, organize, so that to be able to operate with the quality criteria.

The tasting area has been created to study sensory perceptions (visual, olfactory, gustatory) which are released from every single bean and from the obtained blend. Only after this phase we can determine if raw coffee is fit for becoming a Caffè Pascucci blend. Every year we carry out more than 5.000  taste tests.

Ripening: along with the Human Resources, the selection, the blending process and each correct manufacturing phase, the real nucleus of the plant is the deposit of raw coffee. In this basement, with a constant moisture always kept under control, the directly imported eleven blends of raw coffee are led to the suitable ripening. In this particular environment, for a quite long period (depending on raw coffee characteristics), the moisture contained in each green coffee bean is well balanced.

Raw coffee manufacturing: in the deposit there are a series of machines cleaning the different kinds of raw coffee; this process is useful to guarantee the purity of this raw material. The dust removal system, the machinary for the elimination of coffee sack residuals, the metal detectors, the system for the removal of stones and other foreign bodies, the sieves for the granulometry of the beans and the machinery for the colour selection eliminating unripe or irregular beans: each of these instruments are operating in sequence on every single raw coffee parcel. Should raw coffee already being cleaned, these interior cleaning process are repeated in any case, with the aim of achieving the best purity as possible. This repetititon is also useful to eliminate possible residuals which could have been brought together as a consecuence for the long journeys. This automatic system conveys the raw product firstly in the appropriate storage silos, then, after being weighed, they are brought to the blending process area in order to conclude the manufacturing operations.

Experience and technology: besides the respect for the quality of the manufacturing procedures, Pascucci also owns an important license which is useful to check the ideally perfect roasting. The tradition taught us that roasted coffee has to be “listened”. During the roasting process, coffee makes a creaking sound, which, along with colour and time, permit reaching the best balance peak. This sound can be compared to each of the other traditional roasting parameters; in this way we can obtain and certify the best roasting process as it is possible nowadays.
From the roasting area, coffee is brought to the blenders and put into the storage silos, then to different packaging machinery depending on the necessary size.
All the transfers are protected in order to safeguard aromas and food safety.

Training centre: an equipped room hosts the Espresso School courses.
There are two different courses:
– coffee, comparisons and distinctions
– from the Barista to the Barman, quality, skills and strength of the character
In this setting, it is possible to acquire the necessary knowledge and obtaining the best quality from the best coffee blends in order to prepare espresso, cappuccino and all the recipes produced by the Espresso School.