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A magic climate

The Montefeltro territory, and especially Monte Cerignone, is the ideal microclimate source for coffee ripening and both are well known for their natural beauties.

Nobody  thought that this climate could bring such a good quality to raw coffee ripening.

But just like all the things coming by chance, also coffee grows richer from our beautiful discovery.

During the ship voyage, this vegetable product, cultivated in uplands which are thousands and thousands of kilometres far, in its native land, absorbs a considerable amount of salty moisture.

40 days later

After a period of at least 40 days, raw coffee is stored in special basements and here it reaches an ideal balance in terms of moisture and temperature; in this so called “breath phase”, we can obtain a stable product, especially for the espresso: the cream is velvety and more compact.

Moreover, during the roasting process, when coffee beans get down into the cooling tank (being porous for the high temperature), they do not absorb further moisture and then they are packaged in a moisture percentage which is near to 0.

The natural oxidation is normally caused by the combination of oxygen and moisture, so in this case it is really difficult to provoke it.