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Opening a Pascucci Shop

Opening a Pascucci Shop is a very important moment in a business person’s life because he or she is choosing to collaborate with a company that has created a world of its own.

The search for new features, innovation and attention to small details are the basic requirements for creating a new environment where the customer can have a gratifying multi-sensory experience, to be repeated day after day.

Skilled staff, high quality raw materials, unique surroundings furnished with elegance and refinement and a lounge atmosphere make the Pascucci Shops places to visit at any time of the day. From breakfast, mid-morning coffee and afternoon snacks right up until happy hour time, to finish with an evening tisane – any moment is the right one for visiting the nearest Pascucci Shop.

Managing a Pascucci Shop requires a strong personality, a liking for contacts with people and having a smile always at the ready for everyone. Starting the day off on the right note is essential, and Pascucci staff know this.

Opening a Pascucci Shop means taking on a serious commitment with good humour, so that each day your customers can be pleasantly surprised when they are offered new features, and can smile at life.