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The rebirth of Galli Theatre in Rimini

Thinking and rebuilding a historic Pascucci cafè inside the Teatro Amintore Galli in Rimini was a great challenge.

We had to immerse ourselves deeply in the atmosphere of the 19th century.

This theatre has been closed for 75 years, since a bomb, in 1943, almost completely destroyed it.

Sunday, October 28th the theatre, beautifully restored, was finally reopened!

Being […]

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Opening Caffè Pascucci Shop Rimini Centro

“I remember… like it was yesterday, when we opened our first coffee shop”

After more than 500 openings all over the world, Caffè Pascucci is back in Rimini, from which it is all began, with the aim to contribute and become an integral part in the life of the old town.

Thursday 20 April opens the new […]

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