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Rediscovering the moka

These days, we rediscover the charm of the Moka.

Hypnotic, enveloping, a ritual to be found.

Our rules: grind the coffee at the moment, always weigh it, use 40/80 ppm bicarbonate water, already boiling.
Preparation time: about 1 minute and a half.

It is the right time to rediscover these feelings… at home!

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Io, la nonna, la zia e George

Moka, moka amica, moka adorata, agognata, efficiente e fedele, eterno feticcio degli istanti più lieti.

Gli anni si consumano e sempre più spesso capita di vedere le cose appannate dal classico velo di malinconia per un passato non più tangibile ma che invece non passa mai, presente e reale […]

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Bio, Moka and global dedication

Thanks to Bargiornale for the article about us in their magazine of June 2019

In this article-interview Nadia Rossi has succeeded in highlighting very well the cornerstones of the Pascucci philosophy, such as the attention to organic, the respect for those who produce and for those who consume coffee and the desire […]

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The coffee extracted with the traditional Italian Moka, with its intense aroma and taste, is combined with the luscious Confuso Cream in which the Savoiardi (Italian traditional cookies) are immersed.

Mokamisu is the name of this delight that you can enjoy in the Caffè Pascucci Shops!

Order it and you won’t be disappointed!

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Opening Caffè Pascucci Shop in Milan, Via Pisani

Caffè Pascucci relaunches MOKA and the rite of GOOD COFFEE in a brand new shop in the centre of Milan!

In Piazza Duca d’Aosta, on the building surmounted by the big luminous sign of Assicurazioni Generali, between Via Pirelli and Via Vittor Pisani, opens the second venue of Caffè Pascucci in Milan.

This local is the number […]

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Moka Maria, the heart of being together

Moka Maria is a concept that combines, in an integrated communication plan, a furnishing project, a Banco Moka XLVI with specially designed accessories, Pascucci coffees and a rich menu of traditional and innovative recipes.

The concept is very simple: to bring centrality to the coffee pot, enhance its value, exhalt it and make it easy to use […]

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Return to moka!

Rediscover the exhilarating richness of the aroma that only the coffee pot can offer you.
The room explodes, inebriated by the scent emitted by the coffee pot, and become an environment full of joy and friendship.
This tool, an irreplaceable presence in every Italian house, is now being set aside in favor of more convenient but much […]

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