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Three really exciting days

The official selections of the 2020 ITALIAN CHAMPIONSHIPS, which took place on 5-6-7 November at PASCUCCI ESPRESSO SCHOOL in Misano Adriatico, left us speechless!

We have witnessed very high level competitions, with well-trained participants and excellent judges, as well as demonstrations and workshops with celebrated baristas such as Francesco Corona, many times Italian Coffee in Good […]

2019-11-08T15:59:59+01:008 November 2019|News|

The qualification round of the 2020 Italian Championships at the Pascucci Espresso School (5-6-7 November)

From tomorrow the PASCUCCI ESPRESSO SCHOOL in Misano Adriatico will host the qualification round of the ITALIAN CHAMPIONSHIPS 2020, categories BARISTA, LATTE ART, COFFEE IN GOOD SPIRITS, BREWERS CUP.

Follow the tournament live on
Don’t miss a second of these three days full of emotions.

Who will be the next champion?
Stay tuned!

2019-11-04T16:03:08+01:004 November 2019|News|

Pascucci Latte art contest 2019: the winner is…

After months of battles with milk jugs and tampers, the Pascucci Latte Art Contest 2019 has reached its last act.

The baristas of our shops have fought all summer preparing cappuccinos with Free Pour Latte Art and Tulip Latte Art, and the top 6 faced each other today in the final of the competition held at […]

2019-10-03T15:01:26+02:0024 September 2019|News|

A day with the world champion

Manuela Fensore, 2019 Latte art world champion, has conquered us with her passion and the extraordinary abilities that she puts in every gesture.

All those present were impressed by the positivity that she manages to convey in a unique way.

Thank you so much for this wonderful day Manuela Fensore e Carmen Clemente!

2019-07-30T10:56:02+02:0024 July 2019|News|


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