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Canù, the alternative to plastic straws

Many people are asking a question:
Is it possible to drink a beverage without plastic straws?

The answer is Canù, the straw made of organic pasta produced by Cooperativa Campo, available also in a gluten-free model, however always WITHOUT GMO.
It is biodegradable, an immediate gift to the planet, a response to the scream […]

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Pascucci Riserva Bio, from the farmer to the consumer

“Today the passion of Caffè Pascucci is the Riserva Bio blend.

It is an important choice, a radical way to change the approach to the coffee world, made not because the market goes in that direction or because there are tomorrow’s businesses.

It is a new way of doing market and a new way of looking at […]

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Bio, Moka and global dedication

Thanks to Bargiornale for the article about us in their magazine of June 2019

In this article-interview Nadia Rossi has succeeded in highlighting very well the cornerstones of the Pascucci philosophy, such as the attention to organic, the respect for those who produce and for those who consume coffee and the desire […]

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Organic lemonade

The weather is getting hotter?
There is nothing better than an Organic Lemonade to cool off!

We make it in the same way as you would prepare at your home: Sicilian organic lemon juice, with very little cane sugar from organic farming, and no gas added!

You can find it in our shop and, from today, also on […]

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Organic ginseng coffee

The willingness to choose organic products and spreading non-chemically processed foods has led us to develop this new drink with ginseng extract.

Ginseng Coffee Pascucci is a revolutionary beverage because it is made without additives, without hydrogenated vegetable fats or any other fat of tropical origin. The result is an original drink, where the taste […]

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Natural coffee

Being natural is the key to the quality of coffee.

Caffè Pascucci is very sensitive to the issue of organic products in order to achieve a healthy and good food.
In this video Alberto Pascucci explains how it should always be the products we eat.

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In memory of Gino Girolomoni

On the fifth anniversary of his death we want to celebrate the one, aside from being widely recognized as the father of organic farming in Italy, who was for us a friend and a teacher. His philosophy inspired by respect for the land, animals, nature and farming without pesticides continues to inspire us every day.

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