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Our certification


The EU organic farming logo offers consumers’ confidence about the origins and qualities of their food and drink and its presence on any product ensures compliance with the EU organic farming Regulation.

From July 2010 the EU organic logo is obligatory for all organic pre-packaged food products within the European Union. It is also possible to use the logo on a voluntary basis for non pre-packaged organic goods produced within the EU or any organic products imported from third countries.

The EU organic logo and those of EU Member States are used to supplement the labelling and increase the visibility of organic food and drink for consumers.

So, consumers buying products bearing the EU logo can be confident that:

at least 95% of the product’s ingredients of agricultural origin have been organically produced;

the product complies with the rules of the official inspection scheme;

the product has come directly from the producer or preparer in a sealed package;

the product bears the name of the producer, the preparer or vendor and the name or code of the inspection body

The placement of the EU logo is mandatory from 1 July 2010 for pre-packaged food. It remains voluntary for imported products after this date. From 1 July 2010, where the Community logo is used, an indication of the place where the agricultural raw materials were farmed should accompany it. It should be indicated that the raw materials originate from ‘EU Agriculture’, ‘non-EU Agriculture’ or ‘EU/non-EU Agriculture’. If all raw materials have been farmed in only one country, the name of this specific country, in or outside the EU, can be indicated instead.

To learn more http://ec.europa.eu/agriculture/organic/home_en



Buying coffee directly from the grower is a great idea; it takes a lot of enthusiasm and you have to believe in it, all the way. Being able to recognise

products from a supply chain that always seeks to guarantee socially ethical, humane behaviour and product quality is an essential part of this.

This is why Pascucci has created the Juta Bio logo, a Pascucci logo to mark all of those organically grown products, where respect for the environment and for biodiversity come before anything else. These products are sourced directly from the growers, who then find that their hard work reaps greater rewards; we sell then them, explaining their added value, to the end customer.

Every coffee bean arrives at our companyinside jute sacks. The roughly printed, coarse and fragrant sacks contain a precious commodity for any coffee roaster: raw coffee beans.

The sun that encloses and brings together all of the other elements has always been a symbol of life and energy; it is light, life itself, the warmth that allows everything to be born and to grow.

But its rays are Etruscan symbols for waves and therefore, this sun also encompasses water. The sun and water working together, as they have always done, to create the endless cycle of life.

The decorative wave motif is a constant in Mediterranean cultures.

The Etruscans took it from the Greeks, making it their own and using it in many contexts. The main reference is to the sea: all Mediterranean people look out onto the sea and waves are the symbol of this element which was so important and fascinating to people in the ancient world. Waves often appear in the frescoes found in burial grounds. Therefore, there is a reference to

the endless cyclical nature of life and death. A wave is always followed by another wave.

And here, we have the shoot and the leaf, the plant element that is at the origin of life and a base for the survival of all other organisms.

Leaves are at the origin of the biological life cycle, the simple one, which children study: herbivores eat grass, which grows thanks to the earth, to water and to sunlight; carnivores eat herbivores; everyone dies to return to the earth and be reborn in the form of a leaf, which once again, takes its energy from the sun, the water and the earth.

There are three leaves: the perfect number.