Why we are using jute?

//Why we are using jute?

Why we are using jute?

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We always prefer to buy green coffee in jute bags because, unlike other packaging methods, is a non-polluting natural material, made in countries of origin for the benefit of local economies.
It is a traditional material, ideal for the packaging of green coffee, because when it’s in juta bags the raw coffee can “breathe”.

Jute is a natural fiber derived from plants of the genus Corchorus, belonging to the Malvaceae family. The textile material for the production is obtained from the plant stem.

Jute is highly hygroscopic and it may be white, yellowish or brown. The fibers are rough and tough and the yarn is rough too, hard and very durable.

  • Jute is 100% biodegradable and recyclable.
  • It is a natural fiber with shiny and golden hues and therefore it’s called “the golden fiber”.
  • It is the cheapest vegetable fiber derived from lime fiber or from the peel of plants stems.
  • It is the second most important vegetable fiber after cotton, in terms of usage, global consumption, production and availability.
  • It has a high breaking load, a low extensibility, and ensures a high breathability of the fabric. Jute is, therefore, very suitable for packing parcels of agricultural goods.
  • It can be used to create yarns, fabrics, nets and bags of the best industrial quality. Along with sugar it can be used to build airplanes panels. It is one of the most versatile natural fibers used as raw material in the packaging sector, textile, construction and agriculture.