Two Q Grader in Pascucci

//Two Q Grader in Pascucci

Two Q Grader in Pascucci

2018-10-31T16:03:42+01:0017 September 2018|News|

After Eddy Righi, Matteo Baldoni has also gained the most important certification for the tasting world!

Q Grader is, in fact, the coveted diploma, recognized on every continent, which certifies the absolute maturity of the taster.

There are just 8 certified tasters in Italy, and only a few dozens all over the world.

It was a very difficult exam, but after the last hard test, which is the identification of the acid aromatic notes, for Matteo it was time to celebrate.

Now the Pascucci laboratory has two certified tasters among the best in the world!


Caffè Pascucci Matteo e Eddy Q GRADER