Three really exciting days

//Three really exciting days

Three really exciting days

2019-11-08T15:59:59+01:008 November 2019|News|

The official selections of the 2020 ITALIAN CHAMPIONSHIPS, which took place on 5-6-7 November at PASCUCCI ESPRESSO SCHOOL in Misano Adriatico, left us speechless!

We have witnessed very high level competitions, with well-trained participants and excellent judges, as well as demonstrations and workshops with celebrated baristas such as Francesco Corona, many times Italian Coffee in Good Spirits champion, Simone Cattani, also many times champion and current Italian champion for the Ibrik category , Alessandro Galtieri, Italian Brewers champion and, this year, winner of an extraordinary third place in the world in the same category and, last but not least, our great Eddy Righi!

But it’s time to celebrate the winners:

  • Francesco Masciullo in the Barista category
  • Davide Spinelli in Coffee in Good Spirits
  • Luana Lazzarone in Latte Art
  • Elisa Urdich in Brewing

If you missed them, you can see the races until November 30 on