Teuta Durres in Montefeltro

//Teuta Durres in Montefeltro

Teuta Durres in Montefeltro

2017-08-07T14:55:52+02:0025 July 2017|News|
KS Teuta Durres, one of the most successful football teams in the first Albanian division,
has begun pre-season training in the Montefeltro hills. The link between
Caffè Pascucci and Teuta is our dear friend Adrian Bardhi, who, with
Pascucci Albania, is the main sponsor of this strong Albanian team who has
frequently played in Europa League in the latest years.
In the photo, our Adrian in the foreground, with the Teuta chairman and the
whole team.




23 july – Acquapartita (FC)
Cesena – KS Teuta


26 july – Riccione (RN) – Stadio Nicoletti
Riccione – KS Teuta


29 july – Borgo Santa Maria (PU) – Stadio Magnini
VIS Pesaro – KS Teuta


5 august – Secchiano (RN)
Rimini – KS Teuta


7 august – Riccione (RN)
FYA Riccione – KS Teuta


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