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Bon Bon

From our café in Madrid, here it comes the “Bon Bon”, the new Pascucci’s recipe!

Caffelatte with “Dulce Leche”, our “Confuso Cream” and salted almonds.

Don’t try to resist to this sweet temptation, you can find it only in our shops!

Caffè Pascucci ricetta BON BON da banco inglese

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Mocha chip frappo

There’s always something new at Caffè Pascucci!

Our latest creation is called “Mocha Chip Frappo“, a tasty fresh coffee and chocolate shake.
It’s a frozen with espresso coffee, fresh milk, cold pas-ciok, confuso cream, drops of dark chocolate and whipped cream.

Enjoy it in our shops!

Pascucci Mocha Chip Frappo

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