Sweeter holidays with Caffè Pascucci

//Sweeter holidays with Caffè Pascucci

Sweeter holidays with Caffè Pascucci

2017-12-07T18:27:29+01:007 December 2017|News|

Whether you’re as kind as Bob Cratchit or grumpy as Ebenezer Scrooge it does not matter: Christmas is the most beautiful time of the year, the one that pushes people to make peace even with the clichés. Those who do not love it certainly have some good reasons but without nativity scenes, trees, lights, songs and decorations to warm hearts, winter would come too soon.

And, speaking of goodness and sweetness, we are pleased to inform you that, as usual, Caffè Pascucci will have the honor of sitting down at your table with panettone and nougat made for this special occasion:


Now there only one thing left to be said, the most important:



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