The Specialty coffee of October 2019: Peru San Pedro El Shimir

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Here is the Specialty Coffee we selected for October 2019: Peru, Washed, botanical variety Caturra and Bourbon, produced by Mr. Fredy Guevara, Finca San Pedro El Shimir, Cup Of Excellence, 90,5 points.

Bermeo Guevara Fredy is the producer of this coffee. The plot of 5 hectares was an inheritance of his father.
In 2007 he worked as a manager at APESI (a cooperative with 364 coffee producers) until 2008, and then he bought 6 hectares that are also installed with varieties of caturra and bourbon coffee.
Since his youth, he worked in coffee farming and now he has 12 hectares of coffee.
Finca “El Shimir” is located in San Pedro de Churuyacu, district of Tabaconas province,
San Ignacio Cajamarca region, at an altitude of 1850 masl.

He has been cultivating specialty coffees since 2011. This is a strong motivation to continue every day improving the quality of coffee.

You can find it in our shops in Milan (Corso Europa 22 and Piazza Duca d’Aosta), Rimini (Corso d’Augusto 137) and Arezzo (Via Roma 28), or you can receive it at your home, roasted as you want, buying it on our e-commerce at the following link:

Caffè Pascucci Cup Of Excellence Peru San Pedro El Shimir