The Specialty coffee of November 2019: Honduras El Espejo

2019-12-06T15:18:27+01:0011 November 2019|News|

We are proud to give you this Specialty coffee for the month of November 2019: Honduras, Washed, botanical variety Pacas, produced by Mr. Fredy Leonel Castellano, Finca El Espejo, Cup Of Excellence, 90,5 points.

El Espejo is located on a stunning landscape in Los Andes, Santa Barbara. Here you will find a rich diversity of tree species, clean and pure spring water, blackberry bushes, and much more. However, if you want to appreciate all of this beauty there is a difficult hour of walking ahead for you!

No road can be built to the farm because it is located so close the to the border of the Santa Barbara National Park. Producers have to walk on a trail once or twice daily to get to the farm and coffee, as well as fertilizers and other materials have to be transported by mule.

You can find it in our shops in Milan (Corso Europa 22 and Piazza Duca d’Aosta), Rimini (Corso d’Augusto 137) and Arezzo (Via Roma 28), or you can receive it at your home, roasted as you want, buying it on our e-commerce at the following link:

Caffè Pascucci Honduras El Espejo