The Specialty coffee of February 2020: Brazil “Chacara Vista Alegre”

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We are proud to give you this Specialty coffee for the month of February 2020: Brazil, Natural, botanical variety Catuaì, produced by José Renato Rodrigues Alves Finca, farm “Chacara Vista Alegre”, Cup Of Excellence.

History of the farm

Producer José Renato Rodrigues Alves, 24, is a familial coffee producer. His story begins four years ago, when he was motivated by placing fifth in the 2014 edition of the Cup of Excellence. He took over the farm from his father, who had some health problems at the time that made it impossible for him to continue working in the fields. His parents thought he was crazy to enter a coffee lot in the country’s main coffee competition that year, as neither of them had any idea that the coffee they’d been growing for generations was specialty. Thanks to God and to the love that had always united his family, everything went well. With the award and the income from the coffee, José Renato made some improvements on the farm and reformed his parents’ small house. He moved beside the coffee fields. He is building his family. Today, he and his wife, Tainã, have little Benjamin, one year old, their future coffee farmer. The family has 2.5 hectares of coffee that they cultivate themselves and 1 more that they planted this year.

Coffee processing system

The coffee was picked selectively by hand, then left in shaded tanks without water for 24 to 36 hours, during which the temperature was monitored. The densest coffee cherries were removed and taken to African beds to classify only the ripest ones; the green cherries were removed. The coffee was spread on cement patios in medium-thin layers for drying. This lot went to the rest box to rest at 13.5% humidity. A few days before processing, it was again spread on the patio under the sun to reach the ideal humidity.

Property Characteristics:
Farm: Chácara Vista Alegre
Farmer: José Renato Rodrigues Alves
City: Piatã – BA
Region: Chapada Diamantina
Country: Brazil
Altitude: 1268 m s.l.m.

Coffee Characteristics:
Variety: Catuaí 144
Processing System: Natural

Top Jury Descriptions:

AROMA: Vanilla bean, peach, red apple, muscat, melon, super complex, guava, chinese pear, apricot, raspberry, blueberry, honey, honey dew melon, cardomom, fig and prune, strawberry milk honey, creamy

ACIDITY: Delicate, clear, pineapple, lactic, rosehip

OTHER: Body extended, yellow to red fruit, plum and strawberry, thick, very complex, smooth, elegant, clean fruit lavors, well balanced

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