The Specialty coffee of December 2019: Costa Rica “La Union”

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We are proud to give you this Specialty coffee for the month of December 2019: Costa Rica, Natural, botanical variety Villa Sarchi, produced by Ms. Maria Elena Comacho Morales, Finca La Union, Cup Of Excellence, 91 points.

Finca La Unión is located in the volcanic lands of Concepción of San Rafael de Heredia, and it has a long history. The estate was acquired approximately 80 years ago by don Manuel Elías Camacho Hernández. It was later inherited by his son, don Elías Camacho Sáenz, who later passed the estate on to his daughter, doña María Elena Camacho Morales. Currently, doña María Elena, together with her son and daughter, Fernando Elías and Silvia Elena, are the managers of the estate, which has approximately 18 cultivated hectares, and has an altitude of 1500 meters over sea level. Initially, this estate was named La Pulpería (“grocery store”). Don Manuel
changed its name to Finca La Unión. When it was purchased, parts of the territory were cultivated with coffee. It was later used for dairy farming before eventually becoming a coffee plantation again, being sown especially with Caturra and Catuai. However, in the last few years, other varieties have been tried out, such as SL-28, Geisha, Milenio and Villa Sarchí. Every year, new soil and foliar analysis are carried out, plot by plot, in order to guarantee the best land preparation, planting, taking care and production of the coffee. The latest technologies available on the market are utilized to guarantee an excellent composition, aroma and acidity of the coffee.

The three pillars of Finca La Unión are:
-social responsibility
-environmental responsibility

This family founded the Beneficio Ecológico Cerro Alto 10 years ago. Production takes place under strict traceability controls. It is divided in approximately 40 micro lots between 5 to 50 fanegas each. Each micro lot has its own record from the plot from which it was recollected to details of its milling and drying process.

Property Characteristics:
Farm: La Union
Farmer: Maria Elena Camacho Morales
City: San Ramon
Region: San Rafael
Country: Costa Rica
Altitude: 1500 m s.l.m.

Coffee Characteristics:
Variety: Villa Sarchi
Processing System: Natural

Top Jury Descriptions:
AROMA: mulberry, mango, tangerine, apricot, peach, lychee, black currant,grapefruit, raspberry
FLAVOR: brown sugar, cocoa, raisin, cinnamon, tobacco leaf, cardamom, pepper, apricot
ACIDITY: malic, orange,lemon, juicy, clean, refined
OTHER: cocoa finish, very sweet, long sweet finish, velvety mouthfeel, multidimensional

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