Specialty coffee box

//Specialty coffee box

Specialty coffee box

2017-01-13T17:35:10+01:0017 August 2016|News|

A set of exceptional specialty coffees it’s available now!

8 different packs of single origin coffees (80 grams each one), the best for those who love to taste specialty coffees.

– 80 g of Colombia “Geisha washed” and 80 g of Colombia “Geisha Peaberry” coming from the farm that has allowed Eddy Righi to compete at the World Brewers Cup 2016. Two Geisha with explosive personality.

– 80 g of Rwanda “Caferwa Gafunzo Gishugi (II)”, a Cup Of Excellence in Typica and Bourbon blend, grown at 2000 m.a.s.l. in a nutrient-rich soil.

– 80 g of Nicaragua “Las Brumas”, a Cup Of Excellence Pacamara grown by Rina Liseth that stands out for its strong and sweet freshness.

– 80 g of Honduras “El Espejo”, a fantastic Cup Of Excellence Pacas with a score of 90.42. It ‘s a mix of sweet notes, floral and ripe fruit.

– 80 g of Burundi “Nkondo”, a Cup Of Excellence Bourbon worked in the old Sogestal plants that presents aromatic malic and citric acid, combined with flowers and fruit.

– 80 g of Costa Rica “El Trapiche”, an excellent Catuai cultivated in the Tarrazù region. It’s characterized by spicy notes of peach, cream and mature fruit with a final sugar cane.

– 80 g of Costa Rica “Los Pinos”, a more seasoned batch of Cup Of Excellence Caturra e Catuaì, pervaded by intrusive notes of cocoa, red apple and maple syrup.

You can order now at the following link: http://www.pascuccistore.com/specialty-coffee-box.html