Opening Pascucci Shop Milano – Corso Europa 22

//Opening Pascucci Shop Milano – Corso Europa 22

Opening Pascucci Shop Milano – Corso Europa 22

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Pascucci Shop Milano is our coffee shop N° 468: born from the desire to evolve and build an alternative store dedicated to coffee, a space designed and created with fun and metropolitan spirit representing creativity and experimentation.

Pascucci Shop Milano is an international content place with italian heart and essence. This shop is rough yet delicate, easy to live every day although it’s based on extreme quality. Our goal is to broaden our view on the world of coffee and share it in the most dynamic italian metropolis.

Contamination is the heart of this project.

Popular extraction systems as the Anglo-Saxon filtered, cold brew, asians v60, cezve widespread in southern Europe and in the Middle East in addition to American light coffee will join to the artistic processes executed at the espresso machine, the Neapolitan, the mocha and Italian Cuccumas.

Pascucci Shop Milano keeps an eye on the world and our country at the same time.

Pascucci coffee is a container that offers the chance to relax and experience various methods for drinking coffee. We give particular attention to longer drinks, that are the perfect complement for a relaxing coffee break, but also to other beverages that instill less typical coffee’s flavours, like acidity or sweetness, rather than syrupy and often bitterness.

The restaurant’s philosophy focuses on biological products. The most important ingredients such as drinks, milk, eggs, teas, chocolate and coffee are mainly coming from certified organic agriculture. The Pascucci Bio blend is made of differents origins coffee, such as India, Papua New Guinea, Mexico, Honduras and Ethiopia, to offer a shattering cup that breaks the conventional coffee market with its primitive and original organoleptic.

Comparison is critical for cultural growth. Testing a lot of different types and different origins of coffee is the only way to understand them. Pascucci Shop Milano offers specialty coffees in blend, in single origin and the Cup Of Excellence (COE), the coffee selected by the Alliance for Coffee Excellence (ACE) in a unique way with declared chain.

The container, that is the place on which the artist-barista moves, is a box that is rough and, where possible, left unchanged. A choice maybe a bit risky but which allows us to focus the lights on two main protagonists: the bartender and the Italian design.

All the baristas come from Pascucci training school named “Espresso School” and, in addition to having manual skills related to coffee, they have knowledge of the raw material and of what they are working and serving to the final consumer. The spaces are made in a way in which the barista is always in the spotlight, the sole operator that defines the final result. The bartender even tries to be cultural informant, to create interest in the final consumer to make him take a self-conscious choice. The presence of a small laboratory roasting and tasting on the mezzanine overlooking the coffee shop is fundamental to these purposes. Pascucci trainer will roast coffee samples in this environment to taste them together with the more interested customers to broaden their vision.

Design is the co-star, with furniture related to significant Italian brands, light and shadows created by artist-craftsmen of the Romagna area. All this is made to bring out colors and feelings that only the design and Italian art can offer.

The history of Caffè Pascucci is born over one hundred years ago and began in 1883 when Antonio Pascucci, son of weavers, decided to engage in commerce, focusing mainly on his passion, which is raw coffee.

From father to son this passion is handed down, until in 1975 Alberto Pascucci decided to devote his company exclusively to espresso and start the project “only quality coffee.”

In 1996 the Espresso School opens its doors: a training center dedicated to espresso and coffee recipes.

In the nineties we also decide to restart and replicate the experience of traditional coffee shop to promote the development of Pascucci branded shop.

In 2000 this idea became reality with the opening of the pilot center PASCUCCI COFFEE SHOP, a replicable flagship store.