Opening Caffè Pascucci Shop Rimini Centro

//Opening Caffè Pascucci Shop Rimini Centro

Opening Caffè Pascucci Shop Rimini Centro

2017-04-19T15:50:26+02:0019 April 2017|News|

“I remember… like it was yesterday, when we opened our first coffee shop”

After more than 500 openings all over the world, Caffè Pascucci is back in Rimini, from which it is all began, with the aim to contribute and become an integral part in the life of the old town.

Thursday 20 April opens the new Caffè Pascucci Shop in the center of Rimini. The idea is to be an high quality coffee shop, with particular attention to organic products and materials.

Single-Origin Coffees will be stored in the revolutionary “Azomico”, the innovative system for preserving the unique aroma of specialty coffees.

In addition to the classic recipes of the coffee shop, coffee will be extract with alternative systems like v60. For anyone who wants to enjoy a good Pascucci coffee even at home, there will be the chance to ask our staff to grind the coffee on request.

You can find us in Corso d’Augusto, 137, from Monday to Saturday, from 7.30 to 21.00 and Sunday from 8.30 to 21.00