My friend of the Waterfall’s Coffee

//My friend of the Waterfall’s Coffee

My friend of the Waterfall’s Coffee

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Trinidad (CUBA), 5 november 2015

It’s a day with many clouds in the sky, today I decided to venture into a horse ride in the natural park “El Cubano” in Trinidad.

With me there’s a German couple, Harald and Almuth, and my guide, George.

A long walk in the rain in the “Valle de Los Ingenios”, surrounded by plantations of sugar cane.

We cross the forest paths, streams, cattle pastures until we reach the foot of a mountain where there is a waterfall.

Right here, before plunging into the water, I met him.

He prepares a very original Cuban Coffee chopped at the time with a big wooden mortar inherited from his great-grandfather, all this to the sound of music as if it were an ancient rite.

After he put the coffee powder in a strange pan where it is filtered and dissolved in hot water.

I told him about the roasting in my hometown Monte Cerignone, the good coffee known in almost every part of the world.

As a sign of the fate i had in my backpack a Pascucci t-shirt that I gave him and that he has worn immediately.

He asked me to sign his t-shirt and in return he gave me some coffee beans wrapped in a sheet of newspaper

to give personally to Pascucci …. and so I did.

I wanted to share with you this particular encounter of my trip to Cuba and it saddens me just a thought ….. not remember his name.

To me it will always be the Friend of the waterfall’s coffee!


Andrea Filanti