Moka Maria, the heart of being together

2018-02-09T15:35:11+01:009 February 2018|News|

Moka Maria is a concept that combines, in an integrated communication plan, a furnishing project, a Banco Moka XLVI with specially designed accessories, Pascucci coffees and a rich menu of traditional and innovative recipes.

The concept is very simple: to bring centrality to the coffee pot, enhance its value, exhalt it and make it easy to use even in the public sector.

This technology, through a water filtration system and the perfect conduction of the water / coffee / metals heat exchange, allows obtaining a cleaner, more aromatic cup of coffee in an extremely short period of time.
Moka Maria enriches the environment with typical Italian aromas and sensations.
The furnishings, the Banco Moka, the service objects, the crockery and the coffee blends merge perfectly into a world of quality, bringing us to a place full of history and exciting conditions. Potentially rich in dialogue and aggregation.



Concetto Moka Maria Caffè Pascucci