A day with Manuela Fensore and Carmen Clemente! July 23 @ Pascucci Training Center – Misano Adriatico. Sign up now!2019-07-05T16:19:29+02:00

“A day with Manuela Fensore

and Carmen Clemente!”

Yes, dear coffee lover, the new Latte Art world champion,

Manuela Fensore

and her trainer,

Carmen Clemente,

will spend a whole day with us*,

on July 23, from 9,30 to 17,30, in Misano Adriatico (RN) – Via Larga 60,

at the Pascucci Training Center**.


Manuela and Carmen will lead the students step by step to the most advanced techniques of Latte Art.

Manuela and Carmen are two beautiful and serene girls but also two demanding and capable teachers, with the experience of those who have assimilated every single gesture after hours and hours of practice and training.

Manuela and Carmen are the example of personality combined with talent.

By the way: have we already told you that Manuela (and Carmen) is the new Latte Art world champion?

Don’t miss this event: make yourself a gift and join us! 

*This day of practice is valid for the preparation of SCA exams “Barista Skill” Intermediate and Professional modules, “Latte Art Grading System” exams and preparation of competitions.

**Lunch offered by Caffè Pascucci.