International coffee day

//International coffee day

International coffee day

2017-01-13T16:58:27+01:0028 September 2015|News|

International Coffee Organisation (ICO) has designated October 1 as International Coffee Day.

On this day, coffee lovers around the world celebrate it in its diversity: coffee as plant, as flower, as fruit and in every part of the agricultural time, as work in harbors and at sea, as artisan passion in the moment of roasting, as research and technology, as a business, as a meeting place, as culture of the bartenders but mostly fans celebrate coffee as a beverage.

Espresso, filtered, moka or turkish, cold brew or syphon and french press, bitter or sweet, sour or fruity, flowery and coffee that tastes like fermented, coffee that resembles chocolate, or just coffee that tastes toasted.

On this day, let’s not forget to offer a coffee, maybe special and different from the usual.