Happy Valentine’s Day

//Happy Valentine’s Day

Happy Valentine’s Day

2017-01-13T18:19:44+01:0014 February 2016|News|

The smell of coffee

Dress me with a kiss

And in the smell of coffee,

Take all you want of me.

Look at me with those eyes

Between hill and sea.

You are a two thousand meter dive

But it is sweet to shipwreck and

run aground in the sand shoals of your arms

That are forever hunting, forever hunting me.

Love me without fear of mistakes

Every day of mine together with you

is the secret guarding against old age.

Brush over me like wind on the hills

Give me back the taste of night that flows into

the morning

With modest colors that become a blaze.

Those mining eyes of yours dig inside me every day.

In my life there is the smell of coffee,

You are that perfume, you are that poetry

And I see you between dream and madness

Riding your bike, with me beside you as we are


Age-old calculations are like grounded schooners

In front of our heart and its dilemmas.

Explain your smile to me, when it rises

It opens horizons never seen, it highlights our


I love the wait for every return of yours, inventing

a game

for a new day together with you,

together with you,

together with you.

There is in my life the smell of coffee,

You are my hidden vice and my obsession,

between fantasy and reality

You and I run along the trees of the great avenue

Even when they turn yellow.

~ Francesco Bejor