Golden Milk with turmeric

//Golden Milk with turmeric

Golden Milk with turmeric

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To create Golden Milk, just make a compound of hot water and turmeric. Once the cream texture is done, pour vegetable or cow’s milk and a few drops of fatty substances such as sweet almond oil or coconut oil.

Turmeric has several beneficial properties, including:
• relieves muscular pain
• acts on our immune defenses
• helps prevent and cure sore throat and cold

Adding a small amount of black pepper to this recipe can help increase the benefits of turmeric.
To sweeten it, add honey or maple syrup.

For baristas, we can prepare this recipe with a few simple moves and create a Gold Cappuccino with turmeric: we need only turmeric powder, a small amount of pepper (if you like it) and a tiny kitchen whip or a bamboo whip, which is commonly used for Japanese matcha tea.
For fatty mass, essential to activating beneficial properties, enough fat is already contained in the full-cream cow’s milk that is commonly used to make cappuccino; if you use instead vegetable milk you must necessarily add a small amount of fat (1/2 teaspoon of almond oil, coconut or peanut oil).

pour into cappuccino cup ½ teaspoon of curcuma powder, a little black pepper powder (if you like it) and shake together with about 40/50 grams of very warm milk with bamboo whip. When the lumps of turmeric are no longer present, pour milk to create a classic cappuccino or art milk decoration.

Enjoy it!