Cocano is back

//Cocano is back

Cocano is back

2017-01-13T17:41:10+01:008 August 2016|News|

The container is on the sea and Cocano coffee, one of the best coffee from Haiti, will be available soon on our e-commerce.

Two years ago “Roya” (the disease that struck the coffee leaves, destroying plantations in Latin America) has prevented Pascucci to import this great coffee.

In the past, Haiti has been unfairly exploited from nations that consider themselves “more civilized”, and, in the last ten years, nature has brought chaos with all its force in this beautiful country.

Roya, earthquake and hurricanes, have hit Haiti one after the other, but, looking at the faces of these people, you can understand how happiness is often far from our way of life and that what can bring joy to the man is his hope, his purity and his simplicity.

The Cocano project in Haiti was born of a partnership between Pascucci, Girolomoni (“Alce Nero” cooperative in Montebello) and the Bishop of Port de Paix Pierre Antoine Paulo, and found his inspiration in a beautiful bond of friendship and sharing. Today, after all these adventures, the Cocano project is back stronger than ever, more friends (Shadhilly and St. Thomas University of Miami) collaborate with us, trying to help this people to reach the autonomy they deserve with their dignity.

Cooperative Cocano produces Arabica Natural, Typica variety, ideal for espresso / coffee / Syphon.