Canù, the alternative to plastic straws

//Canù, the alternative to plastic straws

Canù, the alternative to plastic straws

2019-09-05T11:09:23+02:004 September 2019|News|

Many people are asking a question:
Is it possible to drink a beverage without plastic straws?

The answer is Canù, the straw made of organic pasta produced by Cooperativa Campo, available also in a gluten-free model, however always WITHOUT GMO.
It is biodegradable, an immediate gift to the planet, a response to the scream that comes from fishermen, seagulls and sea inhabitants.
Without poisons’ traces, a simple sign of peace with the Earth.

Caffè Pascucci gives you Canù, in the GLUTEN FREE model, in its own Italian shops.

We are the first in Italy to offer this type of straws but we hope to be followed soon by many others!