Caffè Pascucci at Milan Coffee Festival (November 30 – December 2)

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Caffè Pascucci Milan Coffee Festival 2018 1

Milan Coffee Festival is a celebration of the energetic kaleidoscopic Italian coffee scene. With several live events organized by suppliers of coffee and food, machinery and equipment, it is an event not to be missed for every coffee lovers, professionals and operators in this sector.
Are you ready to take part in a lot of free coffee tastings, interactive workshops and demonstrations of renowned bartenders? You can also enjoy a revisitation of the classic Milanese aperitif, signature coffee based cocktails, dj-set and much more.

We would love to meet you during this event which, after the success of the previous editions, is hosted in Italy for the first time ever.

Inside the Spazio Pelota area you can find us at M33 stand, where, among other things, you can taste these excellent specialty coffees:

  • Cup Of Excellence Perù Finca San Pedro El Shimir
  • Colombia Sudan Rume Washed finca Las Margaritas
  • Cup Of Excellence El Salvador Finca Hamburgo Nejapa

And the best has yet to come!

In the days of Milan Coffee Festival we will hold free courses, open to everyone, to deepen your knowledge of the coffee world.

The best Pascucci tasters will help you to understand, in a few minutes, the organoleptic differences of many coffees.
Recognize the positive and negative aromatic notes. Identify the type of plant that produced the coffee beans and recognize the strong or light roasting.
Discover the aromatic nuances of the finest coffees as well as those of lesser ranked coffees.
Learn to evaluate washed or natural Arabica coffees and compare them with Robusta coffees.

We are waiting for you from Friday November 30 to Sunday December 2 at Caffè Pascucci in Corso Europa  22 and Caffè Pascucci in Piazza Duca d’Aosta!