2017-01-11T17:54:17+01:007 September 2015|News|

Instead of traveling 100,000 feet above the ground, the humble people in Haiti, with their joyful hearts and free as a bird, moves barefoot.

It is clear that these are not the foot of a coroner that, without that something can go wrong, performs surgeries on people already dead, but those of a courageous Haitian girl who, at the risk of being cut off from all kinds of objects, walks for kilometers through difficult paths to help out his mother to carry food to sell at the market more closely.

For her “the strength of will is a muscle to train“.

The money earned by huge sacrifices like this are used in part to pay school expenses, knowing that education is the great engine of personal development.

Caffè Pascucci, confirming its solidarity to the Haitian people, joins its voice to that of Alexandre Dumas to say loudly: “All for one, one for all”. C’mon Haiti!