The Arhuaco natives in Monte Cerignone

2018-11-23T17:14:39+01:0023 November 2018|News|

The last days have been very special for our company.
The Arhuaco natives, who comes from Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, a massif in northern Colombia, visited us in Monte Cerignone!

It was enlightening to host members of a deeply spiritual population who live in great harmony with their land. They respect nature as if it is part of their own body. They have a vision of peace and respect for every living being. Their philosophy is truly a source of great inspiration.

They produce some of the best coffees in the world, and we like to think that the high quality of the fruits coming from their plantations is the gift that the Earth gives them to say thanks for the deep respect that they have always shown.

Caffè Pascucci Arhuaco novembre 2018

Caffè Pascucci Arhuaco novembre 2018