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Two Q Grader in Pascucci

After Eddy Righi, Matteo Baldoni has also gained the most important certification for the tasting world!

Q Grader is, in fact, the coveted diploma, recognized on every continent, which certifies the absolute maturity of the taster.

There are just 8 certified tasters in Italy, and only a few dozens all over the world.

It was a very difficult exam, but after […]

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Sensory Educational Training in Monte Cerignone, October 9-12

The Sensory Educational Training, organized by Cup Of Excellence, will take place for the first time ever in Italy, in our hometown Monte Cerignone!

The historical sites of the town, such as the castle, will be the evocative scenario of this camp where participants can improve their cupping and sensory evaluation skills, under the guidance of the […]

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Specialty coffee in pods

You can find now our specialty coffees even in pods!

Specialty coffees are coffees with unique quality characteristics: our desire is to make them available in a common, easy to use and non-polluting format.

On our e-commerce you can choose between 5 types of specialty coffee in pods:

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New opening in Bilbao

10 minutes from Bilbao, at Ballonti Centro Comercial in Portugalete, the first Caffè Pascucci in the Basque Country has opened!

The goal is to unite the Basque tradition, with food like pintxos, to the excellence of our coffee and our recipes.

The shop is open from Monday to Saturday, from 10 am to 10 pm.


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Pascucci Golf Cup 2018

Caffè Pascucci is proud to invite you, even this summer, to the classic Pascucci Golf Cup!

The date is Sunday, August 5 in the beautiful location of the Riviera Golf in San Giovanni in Marignano (RN) – Via Conca Nuova, 1236.

In addition to the golf challenge there will be a buffet, tastings and much more.


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Coffee extraction systems

From Aosta to Messina, from the North to the South of Italy, if you walk into a coffee bar and say: “a coffee”, in most cases, you will receive an espresso.
Conversely, if you went to somebody’s home and asked for a coffee, the result would not be so obvious. Leaving aside single-portion solutions (such as […]

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Organic lemonade

The weather is getting hotter?
There is nothing better than an Organic Lemonade to cool off!

We make it in the same way as you would prepare at your home: Sicilian organic lemon juice, with very little cane sugar from organic farming, and no gas added!

You can find it in our shop and, from today, also on […]

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Cup Tasting Costa Rica 2018 Cup Of Excellence

The appointment with Cup Of Excellence coffees doubles!

Tuesday, July 3 at 11 am the cup tasting will take place in our headquarters in Monte Cerignone (PU), Via Circonvallazione 16/A.
To participate for free send an e-mail to

Wednesday, July 4 at 4 pm the Costa Rican coffee will be tasted in the new shop in […]

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Opening Caffè Pascucci Shop in Milan, Via Pisani

Caffè Pascucci relaunches MOKA and the rite of GOOD COFFEE in a brand new shop in the centre of Milan!

In Piazza Duca d’Aosta, on the building surmounted by the big luminous sign of Assicurazioni Generali, between Via Pirelli and Via Vittor Pisani, opens the second venue of Caffè Pascucci in Milan.

This local is the number […]

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