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New opening at “I gigli” Shopping Centre (Florence)

On Monday, 17 July Caffè Pascucci opens a new shop at “I Gigli” Shopping Centre in Campi Bisenzio, halfway between Florence and Prato.

Opened in May 1997 and visited by over 200 million people, “I Gigli” has established itself as one of the largest and best retail and leisure centres in Italy.

“I gigli” is open every […]

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Iced summer 2017

Here they are telling about this is the hottest summer of the last 150 years… and then, ahead with the super fresh Iced Teas!

Herbal iced teaFlowers iced tea e Fruit iced tea are the tasty iced teas made for you, using our infusions of Rosehips, Red Fruits, Mint and Cedar and Camomile.

Try’em now. Stay cool!


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Cold brew coffee

Cold Brew is a method of extraction of cold coffee with which you get an ideal product to drink, especially now in these hot days.
Cold Brew coffee Jutabio is strictly organic and with low caffeine […]

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Mocha chip frappo

There’s always something new at Caffè Pascucci!

Our latest creation is called “Mocha Chip Frappo“, a tasty fresh coffee and chocolate shake.
It’s a frozen with espresso coffee, fresh milk, cold pas-ciok, confuso cream, drops of dark chocolate and whipped cream.

Enjoy it in our shops!

Pascucci Mocha Chip Frappo

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Aeropress Italian Championship 2017

Come to see and enjoy the most skilled Italian bartenders in extraction with Aeropress, the world’s most versatile system.

We are waiting for you in Milan on May 26, 2017 from 14.30 in Via Gabriele D’Annunzio. Entries for the contest are closed, but the event is open to everyone.

Campionato italiano aeropress [...]

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Organic ginseng coffee

The willingness to choose organic products and spreading non-chemically processed foods has led us to develop this new drink with ginseng extract.

Ginseng Coffee Pascucci is a revolutionary beverage because it is made without additives, without hydrogenated vegetable fats or any other fat of tropical origin. The result is an original drink, where the taste […]

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Natural coffee

Being natural is the key to the quality of coffee.

Caffè Pascucci is very sensitive to the issue of organic products in order to achieve a healthy and good food.
In this video Alberto Pascucci explains how it should always be the products we eat.

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Opening Caffè Pascucci Shop Rimini Centro

“I remember… like it was yesterday, when we opened our first coffee shop”

After more than 500 openings all over the world, Caffè Pascucci is back in Rimini, from which it is all began, with the aim to contribute and become an integral part in the life of the old town.

Thursday 20 April opens the new […]

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Happy Easter!

Spring Equinox: myths of love, death and rebirth to celebrate the awakening of nature

Easter is celebrated on the Sunday following the first full moon after the vernal equinox.

Christian Easter is rebirth, transition from life to death, resurrection.
Jewish Easter, “Pesach”, is the memory of the passage of the Red Sea, the death angel passing over the […]

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