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Cup Of Excellence El Salvador “Hamburgo/Nejapa”

We are ready for delivery a unique coffee: El Salvador Cup of Excellence “Hamburgo / Nejapa”!

Below is the card of this very high quality coffee.

Farm: Hamburgo / Nejapa
Farmer: Gloria Mercedes Rodriguez
City: Ahuachapan
Region: Apaneca
Country: El Salvador
Altitude: 1500 masl
Certification: None
Variety: Bourbon
Processing system: Washed
Rank: 3
International Jury Score: 89.96

Top Jury Description:
AROMA/FLAVOR: white chocolate, hazelnut, caramel, sweet bread, brown sugar, […]

2017-12-07T23:02:36+01:0024 November 2017|News|

New opening in Madrid, Spain

Caffè Pascucci opens today in the Spanish capital!

At the “Parque corredor” shopping mall in Torrejón de Ardo, near Madrid, you will have the chance to taste a wide range of Pascucci branded products.

The shop will be open every day from 10 to 22.

Here are the first pictures of the new Spanish shop:

2017-11-29T10:36:03+01:0022 November 2017|News|

Christmas drinks

Caffè Pascucci is delighted to introduce you two delicious recipes made for the upcoming Christmas time: “Hot Mocha Panettone” e “Frappo Panettone”.

Espresso, milk and chocolate with our special touch of macaron and panettone: hot or cold, as you love!

You can taste these recipes in our Caffè Pascucci Shops!



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Caffè Pascucci Shop Milano nominated at Barawards 2017

Barawards is the renowned competition organized by Bargiornale to reward local and professionals representing Italy’s excellence in the coffee sector.

The 2017 edition sees Caffè Pascucci Shop Milano nominated as the best cafeteria bar of the year!

We are very happy to see that hard work is acknowledged with such important candidatures … But now we need […]

2017-11-09T18:12:35+01:009 November 2017|News|

Golden Milk with turmeric

To create Golden Milk, just make a compound of hot water and turmeric. Once the cream texture is done, pour vegetable or cow’s milk and a few drops of fatty substances such as sweet almond oil or coconut oil.

Turmeric has several beneficial properties, including:
• relieves muscular pain
• acts on our immune defenses
• helps prevent and […]

2017-10-31T17:38:52+01:0031 October 2017|News|

The Arhuaco coffee

It is worth the wait.

The more it ripens, the more it improves.
After three months from roasting, it’s richer than ever.

We have in our hands an amazing Colombian coffee produced by the Arhuaco indigenous people.

Coffee is everywhere in the mountains of the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, their native land in northern Colombia. Altitude and temperature […]

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Sailing on Lake Garda

This wonderful video was shot at the Sailing Club Campione Univela during the National Sailing Championships of Austria and Germany, which took place from 30 September to 2 October in the magnificent landscape of Campione del Garda.
His vision can erase sadness and melancholy!

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New infusions: organic fennel and green tea with ginger & lemon

The range of infusions is enriched now with two new tasty products:

        • Organic fennel infusion.
          Fennel seeds, by organic farming, with digestive, antibacterial and mucolytic properties.
        • Green tea with ginger and lemon.
          Product by organic farming. Antioxidant, slimming and energizing.

You can enjoy them at your home by […]

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