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Opening Caffè Pascucci Shop in Savignano sul Rubicone (FC)

Romagna Shopping Valley is the first mall opened in Romagna and was renovated and expanded in the last year.

Pascucci couldn't be absent in a business so important placed on its native territory, so we decided to be there with a shop in the style and with the desire to innovate that has always been in this company's DNA.

The opening will be on Thursday July 30 at 9 am, and free drink for all at 6 pm!

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SCAE certification Barista Skills module

From Tuesday, August 4 to Friday, August 7, from 9 to 18, at The Coffee Box in Riccione Viale Ceccarini 188, SCAE certification Barista Skills module, Intermediate and Professional levels.

These three levels will provide participants 30 points on the way to the coveted SCAE Coffee Diploma, if all the exams were passed.

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Fair Trade: what it means and how to realize it concretely

The deep economic differences and social injustice are the lifeblood that fuels armed conflicts between people on the planet.

According to Edward R. Stettinius, former U.S. Secretary of State:”The battle for peace has to be fought on two fronts. The first is the security, where victory means freedom from fear. The second is the economic and […]

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Cup tasting COE Guatemala 2015

We always search the best coffee, do you want to join us in this quest? Monday June 29 from 10 am cup tasting of Guatemala Cup Of Excellence at our headquarters in Monte Cerignone. Event open to everyone; reservation to be made by sending an email to

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Cup tasting Honduras Cup Of Excellence 2015

A new event will take place at our headquarters with the tasting of the best coffee selected by the Alliance for Coffee Excellence (ACE).

Tuesday June 9 from 11:30 will be the turn of the 38 samples of COE Honduras 2015.

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Feeding the planet… of economic justice

EXPO 2015 is based on the theme “Feeding the Planet”.

Every company working in the food industry must and will have to gear up to improve its production capacity while paying attention to the quality and availability of raw materials.

Organic farming and fair trade are the paths we have chosen for our future.

Organic farming is our […]

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Travelling to Haiti to explore the local reality


For several years, Pascucci is committed to a fair trade project with the Cocano Cooperative in Haiti.

Our manager Tharistan Pétion, a native of Haiti, recently visited the Caribbean island to see the problems that still exist and help local farmers.

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Davide Berti presenta “Coffee in good spirit” e “Caffè alla turca ibrik”

Davide Berti is a very well known name in the world of coffee: we are talking indeed of the "Coffee in Good Spirit" italian champion and "Turkish Coffee Ibrik" world champion.

The alcoholic coffee drinks whom triumphed in the international competitions and the preparations that led Davide to victory at the World Championships in Athens will be explained, presented and served by the champion himself!

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